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WHY Halo Group

Who We Are

Halo Group is a full-service real estate advisor and broker service provider specializing in cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality marketing & experience for our clients. We value people over transactions and are committed to educating and serving the Denver Metro.

Our Story 

Tanner and Austin began as high school basketball rivals. Austin (All-State Star at Mead High School) & Tanner (Multiple All-State Teams/Multiple Conference/Regional Championships at Valley High School). The two shared similar values, backgrounds, and passions. After high school, Austin & Tanner stayed connected and developed their personal relationship. With over 7 years of combined experience, Austin & Tanner decided to partner to maximize the impact they have on the community and utilize their unique skill sets to provide the best real estate experience possible.

Relationship over Transactions

As professionals that grew up in Colorado and live in Denver, we educate our community by organizing/participating in a variety of local events and volunteering with charitable organizations like the Denver Dream Center. We further position ourselves as industry leaders with education and entertaining content across all social media platforms, YouTube, online courses, podcasts, our website, and weekly email newsletter.

An additional resource is the creation of our Denver Experts Community that highlights interesting businesses and individuals throughout Denver and the Front Range to help provide insight into the happenings of our community while simultaneously bringing people together and building strong networks which includes a weekly podcast and a monthly newsletter and networking event.


We also utilize cutting-edge technology in Marketing, video, photography, renderings, CRMs, Emailing, and Social Media so we can deliver the best real estate experience to each and every one of our clients.

Community Knowledge

As Colorado natives who have been a part of Colorado’s rapid growth as pioneer Coloradans and working with local developers, home builders, and community members. We have the advantage of already being established as a trusted neighborhood expert. 

Denver Experts Podcast & Events

Denver Experts weekly podcasts and monthly networking events are focused on highlighting the brightest and best that make this beautiful city the Denver we know. From entertainment, news, culture, business, history & development. We sit down with industry leaders to hear their stories, their connection to Denver, and what is happening locally in their industry delivered in an informative and entertaining format. But we don’t stop there as our listener's members get access to the Denver Expert guest and get to meet other Denver professionals for high-quality events. So listen, enjoy and come meet the Denver Experts and like-minded professionals.

Operating on these principles we have amazing client reviews and a great online reputation with over 25,000 followers across all social media platforms and an active/engaging following on our podcast and education video content. Also maintain 5-star reviews for the podcast and brokerage on Facebook, Google, Zillow, Yelp, and Realtor.com.